Easy-to-use and efficient operations management in one software

With more than a decade of experience and thousands of customer companies, we know how we can inexpensively and easily increase the efficiency of your company's operations. Manage time tracking, project management, employee scheduling, and job tracking on your mobile device. Try it for free and experience the benefits for yourself!

Easy-to-use and efficient operations management in one software

Work time tracking

Track your working time in real time and manage the workload on your projects. The software makes it possible to record working time in different ways in real time or manually at the end of the day. You can also use GPS tracking and QR codes to record and monitor working hours.

Employee scheduling

Employees always have a plan with them on the mobile app and know what needs to be done, where, and when. You can also use the tool for customer- or route-specific planning.

Enabling multilingualism

The software using artificial intelligence enables communication in more than 30 different languages. You can deliver work instructions and other messages in the recipient's mother tongue, even without a common language.

Work orders

You can quickly distribute work orders to an employee, a user group, or several subcontractors and bid for who will take on the work. You will be informed when they have started working and when the job is done.

Streamline Your Workflow with is an easy-to-use software that revolutionizes how businesses operate. Our powerful platform empowers you to streamline workflow, optimize collaboration, and drive productivity. With the help of artificial intelligence, we improve your company’s operations, e.g., removing the language barrier between you and employees who speak different languages. Experience the future of work with!

Suitable for most industries

Thousands of different companies use the software. Its flexibility and versatility allow it to be used by small and multinational companies. In addition to working time, it will enable you to manage projects, products, and costs.

Better quality and satisfaction at work

Employees always know what to do and where to do it. The shift calendar shows tasks and customers with the necessary instructions in real-time. The software's 30 different language options enable use in your native language and multilingual communication.

Mobile, powerful, and easy to use

The work orders are sent without delay to the user or the group of users required. Project documents are always with you on the phone. GPS tracking allows staff to be located and directed to the right place.

Planning and guiding your work is a powerful and easy-to-use ERP system for your organization. Manage employees, projects, calendars, resources, work orders, and reporting in one software.

The roster also includes a work item/project calendar. You can define shifts to repeat up to years ahead. You can make calendar reservations for people, projects, cars, machines, tools, etc.

Planning and guiding your work

Workflow management

Through a web-based control panel, the supervisor can monitor and control the activities of the workers in real-time. Management can see the work in progress, the location of workers and vehicles, and manage communications to individuals or teams. The software also makes sending work orders with attachments to the field easy.

With the mobile app, workers always know what needs to be done and where. In addition to communication, employees can easily record working hours, products, kilometers, and expenses using the app.

Workflow management

Reporting tools

Reporting tools help you manage payroll and invoicing efficiently. For payroll, there are customizable overtime and bonus functions.

If, for some reason, the hundreds of ready-made reports are not enough for you, the software takes that into account, too. Customizable report templates allow you to create precisely the report templates you want.

Interfaces facilitate the transfer of information between software. WorkInfo has several ready-made interfaces and an open-documented interface for use.

Reporting tools

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Please read about our customer’s experience with

Vähälä Yhtiöt Oy, Vähälä Yhtiöt Oy

The has made my work much easier. In addition to the normal hourly, mileage and expense records, employees have been given various access rights. This makes it easier to delegate tasks according to job descriptions.

Managing director

Vähälä Yhtiöt Oy
Vaasan Sportin Juniorit ry, Vaasan Sportin Juniorit ry

Vaasan Sportin Juniorit sports club uses the software to record working hours. The club's managing director, Jukka Leino explains that the mobile application has changed the way working hours are tracked and how coaches' well-being is cared for.

Jukka Leino, Managing Director

Vaasan Sportin Juniorit ry
Takatalo & Tompuri Brewery, Takatalo & Tompuri Brewery

Takatalo & Tompuri Brewery implemented the program to manage work shifts and tasks. In addition to the fact that it is easy to mark shifts in the work list, you can add what should be done to the beer at any stage.

Takatalo & Tompuri

Takatalo & Tompuri Brewery
Smart Siivouspalvelut Oy, Smart Siivouspalvelut

Using the software streamlines our operations and makes them more systematic and organized. The information is securely stored digitally, eliminating the need for paper notes. With the app always at hand, you don't have to worry about time or place. I appreciate the software as a whole, but I especially like everything related to work management.

Outi Hakunti, CEO

Smart Siivouspalvelut
Siivous Tähkäpää, Siivous Tähkäpää has saved many hours of monthly administrative work, such as payroll and invoicing. The job that used to take me nine hours a month I can now do it in three hours. It also makes the everyday life of employees easier when they can see the addresses of customer destinations and the necessary information directly from the application.

Andrea Tähkäpää

Siivous Tähkäpää
Siivous Nyberg, Siivousliike Nyberg Oy

Siivous Nyberg's site reporting has become more efficient and more manageable. Reports are produced on working hours for self-payment and task reports for the client. "Our staff has happily received The program is user-friendly, easy to learn and use.

Managing director

Siivousliike Nyberg Oy
Rengasliike Kumisetä Oy, Rengasliike Kumisetä Oy

I can warmly recommend the software because it has made the everyday life of a busy company easier. Using has brought clarity to everyday life, and employees always know what needs to be done. Implementing the software has been a very profitable investment for us.

Arto Lajunen

Rengasliike Kumisetä Oy
Rakennustoimisto T. Mäkinen Oy, Rakennustoimisto T. Mäkinen Oy service has been in use at Mäkinen since the beginning, and it made work much easier with it. He no longer has to act as an intermediary, but the payroll accountant can create reports directly with his own credentials

Timo Petri Mäkinen

Rakennustoimisto T. Mäkinen Oy
Palokan Ilo, Palokan Ilo, voimistelu ja liikunta ry

Palokan ilo, Gymnastics and Sports Association has been using the program to record working hours since 2019. Coaches and instructors use the application to register their working hours, kilometers, and per diems, so this information is available in real-time for payroll

Palokan Ilo

Palokan Ilo, voimistelu ja liikunta ry
ED-Logistiikka Oy, ED-Logistiikka Oy

Workinfo.apps staff understood our company needs from the first meeting and were genuinely interested in our activities. We already had our work time accounting in electronic form. Still, with, we were able to digitize and unify the employee management in the same program - on top of all that, very cost-effectively. I can strongly recommend!

Lassi Lahti

ED-Logistiikka Oy
Clean Lux Himos Oy, Clean Lux Himos Oy

With the help of the software, we save several hours per week, and our working methods are more efficient. Customers' orders come to us through one channel, which facilitates the processing of orders. Ordering the cleaning service is also easy and fast from the point of view of the customer who rented the cottage. Customers automatically receive an order confirmation and can monitor the work done for them in real-time.

Carita Koskinen

Clean Lux Himos Oy
TA-Yhtiöt, TA-Yhtiöt

"The has improved work management - all information and functions are in one place. Communication about the work to be done and how it is progressing has become easier. has also improved reporting and statistics."

247 Eristys Oy, 247 Eristys Oy

Mobile time registrations make the daily life of more than ten employees easier. You start working hours by logging in to work with a QR code, and all tasks are included until the invoicing

Markus Piiparinen

247 Eristys Oy
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