is a constantly evolving business tool. Its basic functionalities and benefits for businesses include:

  • mobile recording of working hours in several different ways
  • GPS positioning of records and GPS location data in real time
  • automatic entry of hours from the shift calendar
  • entering and storing expenses and receipts electronically
  • Internal communication and press releases
  • keeping a logbook on a mobile device
  • automatic kilometre input
  • Shift planning by person / project / work site / resource
  • Work calendar in a mobile application for workers
  • use the control panel with multiple IDs
  • sending work orders in real time to workers’ mobile devices
  • Resource management and resource calendar for equipment, tools or facilities, for example
  • automatic allocation of tasks and hours to the end customer in real time (including approval functions)
  • attaching pictures to hourly reports (e.g. a picture of the work done immediately for the client)
  • adding copies of receipts/images to expense invoices, for example, using a mobile phone
  • easy and efficient reporting to accounting, payroll or tax authorities
  • an effective work panel for supervisors to monitor work done, income and labour costs
  • a communication tool between employee, supervisors, client and accounting office
  • digital holiday tracking
  • ordering working hours by email for review 24/7 (for employees)
  • facilitating invoicing
  • storing the necessary documents (e.g. site access permit and firefighter’s card)

This list is growing all the time, as we develop the software in close collaboration with our customers.

The service will help you reduce the sunk costs of managing your business. Recording hours electronically can easily save employees 15 minutes a day.

Paper time-sheets also eat up office workers’ time. Handwriting is unclear, time-sheets arrive late, you have to call back and hours have to be counted by hand. If there is no real-time time-sheet, staff can inadvertently record hours incorrectly.

It is difficult to remember whether you started work 15 minutes late or finished the same amount before the end of the working day. Such hours are easily left unbilled to the customer. With the help of software, you can easily save thousands of euros.

The software has an open interface, ready API integrations, and a generator for creating transfer files. Ready-made integrations have been made with Mapon GPS and Repomark software. More integrations are being done all the time.

Please contact us if your company would like documentation on the open interface (API documentation).

Employees can record their hours in four different ways:

1. In the mobile app, it is possible to use two different ways of recording working time. By default, every employee you create has active time recording enabled. In this case, working time is activated from the mobile app, a task or item can be changed in the middle of the day and at the end of the working day, working time is stopped. Several different functions can be associated with this time recording:

  • Shifts can be started and ended by reading the QR code. The QR code can be set either customer-specific or job-specific.
  • The GPS location of the worker can be recorded at the start and end of the shift.
  • The continuous location of the worker can be determined in real time using GPS tracking.

2. The second type of entry in the mobile app is called manual time recording. In this case, the employee records what time he/she started work and when the day ended after completing the work (daily or weekly, for example). A working day can consist of several customers, work items and tasks. The working time record may include information on events, attached photographs or GPS location.

3. A browser version can also be used for manual recording of hours, kilometres and expenses. An Internet browser version can be shared, for example, with a computer or tablet device in the factory building.

4. The shift calendar can be configured to automatically generate time sheets. This means that workers do not have to record their hours themselves, except in exceptional cases, for example when they fall ill in the middle of a shift.

Entries can also be created in the dashboard individually for employees if they have forgotten to enter. is suitable for almost all industries and organisations! Customers range from small one-person companies to large multinationals, organisations and associations. The user industries also vary a lot.

Customers include construction companies, cleaning companies, cities, transport companies, retailers and sports clubs. You can read more about our customers in our references. Please contact us if you have any questions about the suitability of our service for your needs.

You can extend the Workinfo software if you need to with the help of software. For example, you can use Repomark to create various forms, such as load sheets, installation reports, fault reports and protocols, etc. These are available directly from the mobile app.

Repomark is also an inventory management app. You can add and subtract stock balances directly in the Workinfo app. You just read the product barcode or NFC code, for example, and mark whether you are adding or subtracting a stock balance.

Mapo GPS locators provide real-time information on the location of vehicles and machinery in the software.

The extension will also enable automated logbooks and machine hours for machine work reports.

Don’t hesitate to contact us