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"Using the software streamlines our operations and makes them more systematic and organized. The information is securely stored digitally, eliminating the need for paper notes. With the app always at hand, you don't have to worry about time or place. I appreciate the software as a whole, but I especially like everything related to work management."

Efficient work management with

Smart Siivouspalvelut Oy has been delivering high-quality cleaning services in the Kokkola area for over 15 years. Serving households, companies, and the public sector, Smart Siivouspalvelut aims to create a Smarter Everyday Life. This means providing customers with top-notch, neat, and clean results while ensuring a fair and responsible working environment for employees.

Employees at Smart Siivouspalvelut use the mobile application to streamline the monitoring of working hours, work management, and shift planning. CEO Outi Hakunti says that the application is a convenient tool, because physical time sheets are no longer needed. All details about the cleaning performed at each work site are recorded directly in the app, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in their operations.

“Our operations are open and transparent; with the application, you can easily verify the entire working time, including the cleaner’s physical location at the workplace. Cleaning work always involves more than just a customer visit. Initial and final preparations are made at the beginning and end of each visit. Before heading to a customer site, it’s crucial to ensure you have the correct cleaning tools, supplies, and substances,” says Outi. makes work management smooth and efficient. Outi describes the process of creating a work order: “The work order is managed by recording the work item, customer information, specific requests, and a description of what needs to be done. The worked hours are then checked and invoiced from the app. It’s really convenient.”


The staff-favored boosts work efficiency

The use of has been positively received by the staff. Cleaning manager Niina notes that employees are satisfied with the application. Cleaner Roope adds: “You can easily check work shifts on the app, and there’s no need to write down working hours anymore. If there is a special site, I can see from the work order what needs to be done. The work instructions are easy to check in the application.”

Smart Siivouspalvelut makes extensive use of’s versatile features. Outi shares: “I use the communication feature to notify employees of any changes to work orders or to send reminders. The software offers a variety of reports, including product reports that allow us to track which products have been delivered to customers each month.”

Outi highly recommends “I recommend to any company struggling with unclear or unrecorded work orders, inaccurate working hours, or ineffective work management. Moreover, the customer service at is exceptional. Jasmine has provided outstanding support, going above and beyond to meet our company’s needs with an amazing customer service attitude!”

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