Vaasan Sportin Juniorit ry

"With the software, we can easily track work hours, and employees can see the hours they've worked directly from the mobile app. Sports is our passion, but we also know that it can sometimes demand long working hours. We want to take care of our employees' well-being, and the software has been an excellent tool for that. helps us manage staff workload and identify if the load is becoming too heavy." supports well-being at work

Vaasan Sportin Juniorit ry is the largest junior ice hockey sports club in its region, offering diverse and high-quality activities to hundreds of young hockey enthusiasts. From competitive matches to camps, family skating, skating schools, casual hockey, and hockey schools, the club provides a wide range of opportunities. Players of various age groups, from skating school participants to B-junior SM-League players, participate in the club’s activities. The goal of Vaasan Sportin Juniorit is to be the best sports club in Vaasa and one of the top ten ice hockey clubs in Finland.

Jukka Leino, the club’s managing director, explains that the mobile application has changed the way working hours are tracked and how coaches’ well-being is cared for. The mobile app simplifies time tracking for fewer than ten employees who work in mobile roles. Work hours can be conveniently recorded, for example, at the edge of a hockey rink at the end of a shift. No more need for file or paper form filling. Leino says that mobile application is a modern and easy way to record work hours.

But how do we ensure that employees’ work well-being remains top-notch? The solution lies within the software. Vaasan Sportin Juniorit ry has streamlined the process of tracking work hours, allowing employees to conveniently access their recorded hours directly from the mobile app. While being passionate about sports, it can occasionally entail extended work hours. Prioritizing employees’ well-being, the sports club has found the software to be invaluable in managing workload effectively. “ enables us to monitor staff workload closely and intervene if the workload becomes excessive,” Leino says.

During the software implementation phase, the main user sets up work sites, tasks, and users. “We’ve set up sports teams as work sites in the admin panel, so we can ensure that each team receives equal coaching and attention. From the software, we can conveniently see that no team is left without the guidance and coaching they need,” says Leino.


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