Clean Lux Himos Oy

Clean Lux Himos Oy

With the help of the software, we save several hours per week, and our working methods are more efficient. Customers' orders come to us through one channel, which facilitates the processing of orders. Ordering the cleaning service is also easy and fast from the point of view of the customer who rented the cottage. Customers automatically receive an order confirmation and can monitor the work done for them in real-time.

Time saving and efficiency

CleanLux is a property maintenance and cleaning company specializing in cleaning rental cabins. The company’s enterprise resource planning system is, to which forms from our other software, Repomark, are attached. Customers can order cleaning for their cabins 24/7 with the desired functions, for example, bed linen change cleaning or large-scale cleaning. CleanLux’s management schedules incoming cleaning orders quickly and efficiently in the shift calendar, transferring work orders to the right people.

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