Siivous Tähkäpää

" has saved many hours of monthly administrative work, such as payroll and invoicing. The job that used to take me nine hours a month I can now do it in three hours. It also makes the everyday life of employees easier when they can see the addresses of customer destinations and the necessary information directly from the application."

The monthly routine tasks now proceed faster


Siivous Tähkäpää is a cleaning company that offers comprehensive cleaning services such as home, office, and stairwell cleaning, as well as window cleaning and basic cleaning in Lieto, Turku, and neighboring municipalities. The owner of Siivous Tähkäpää, Andrea Tähkäpää, couldn’t help but notice the significant benefits brought by when she started using the software. She mentions that the software has made the monthly routine tasks a direct time saver, conveniently providing all the necessary reports for payroll and invoicing. With the assistance of software, Tähkäpää now completes the same tasks in three hours, a significant improvement from the previous nine-hour timeframe.

Additionally, Tähkäpää particularly appreciates that the company’s employees can easily check customer site addresses and necessary details from the mobile application. The user can conveniently also check the cleaning instructions, addresses, work shifts, messages and other necessary details in the mobile application. By clicking on the address of the work site, the user is directly taken to a navigation app which guides them to the destination.

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