ED-Logistiikka Oy

ED-Logistiikka Oy

Workinfo.apps staff understood our company needs from the first meeting and were genuinely interested in our activities. We already had our work time accounting in electronic form. Still, with Workinfo.app, we were able to digitize and unify the employee management in the same program - on top of all that, very cost-effectively. I can strongly recommend Workinfo.app!

Cost-effectively, all the necessary features for the everyday life of a transport company

ED-Logistiikka is a medium-sized transport company providing goods transport and versatile logistics solutions for decades. They deliver both one-time transport and offer longer-term transport partnerships according to the needs of companies.

The company employs around 100 employees and has about 60 vehicles. The equipment is available for many different needs for cold and warm transport and the transport of dangerous goods. When there are many employees and various vehicles, it is vital that resource planning and data transfer are handled as smoothly and automatically as possible from the field to the office and between different systems.

ED-Logistiikka has used other enterprise resource planning systems in the past, but their challenges have been insufficient features, high cost, or slow response to development requests.

Workinfo.app came across when looking for a more suitable software for the company. “I feel that in the very first meeting, Workinfo.apps staff really met me: they understood our company needs, and they were genuinely interested in our activities”, Lassi Lahti from ED-Logistiikka praises when recalling his first contact.

Time-saving and clarity for planning

ED-Logistiikka gradually switched to using the Workinfo.app, and in November 2022, it was used by all employees. The most used features are working time monitoring, shift planning, and vehicle management, made possible by the Repomark add-on and Mapo’s GPS device integration.

The company has four shift and route planners. In the past, everyone worked in their way. Since each designer’s work concerns several of the same drivers, the collaboration required constant data transfer and manual updating.

“Our goal was to get a system for the company that combines employee management and working time tracking. We already had work time accounting in electronic form. Still, with Workinfo.app, we were able to digitize and unify the planning of work shifts cost-effectively, which has enabled savings in system costs,” Lahti states.

Workinfo.app has made work planning real-time, and the same information is visible to all planners simultaneously. It has substantially reduced overlaps, clarified the job, and reduced the time it takes.

Even stronger operational reliability

“It has become such a feeling that we are in a pioneer position and bringing forward development proposals. It’s incredible how quickly Workinfo.app implements these proposals. The wishes have been genuinely listened to, and the best thing is that the new features are always available to all other users – the operation is honest and open”, Lahti says about his experiences with the operation of Workinfo.app.

The development work of the Workinfo.app, which was carried out according to the wishes, the adaptability of the software, and the functionalities enabled by the integrations, have been perceived by ED-Logistiikka as particularly valuable in terms of the company’s operations.

In particular, Lahti is impressed with the opportunities the vehicle management system implemented through the essential Repomark add-on brings. All vehicles have a QR code for the Repomark software. Through it, anyone using the car quickly finds everything necessary, such as the vehicle’s height, cargo box dimensions, load capacity, inspection information, and when any component has been serviced.

“There are practically unlimited possibilities here. Any information can be put behind the code, and in the future, for example, a repair report from a service repair shop. Repomark and Workinfo.app work very comprehensively together thanks to extensive interfaces, meaning that data transfer between them is automatic,” describes Lahti.

Lahti has found that in terms of the smoothness of everyday life, the customizability of Workinfo.app’s views and settings is a clear advantage. Ease of use is also essential for users.

“All in all, Workinfo.app is simple to use, and even a beginner can learn it quickly. It is a big advantage compared to many other systems that have required training and extensive familiarization before implementation,” Lahti praises.

“I can strongly recommend Workinfo.app!”

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