Rengasliike Kumisetä Oy

Rengasliike Kumisetä Oy

"I can warmly recommend the software because it has made the everyday life of a busy company easier. Using has brought clarity to everyday life, and employees always know what needs to be done. Implementing the software has been a very profitable investment for us."

Clarity and smoothness in work

The Kumisetä tire chain company has used the as work shift planning and working time tracking software for several years. Employee management is especially critical in an industry where the seasons are hectic. Personnel must be able to be guided quickly and clearly between customer service desks and hall work. has enabled logging in and out of work using a QR code. That is an essential function for a company with several locations, and personnel work in several places daily.

The mobile application is a vital work management tool for the company, which tells when and where the employee should be. The same person’s job description may include working at a customer service point, tire garage, or tire hotel. In addition, the work includes tire maintenance of heavy equipment in the field, so the job is varied, and the seamless sharing of information is crucial.


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