Odoo is the world's fastest-growing, versatile application platform

Odoo is suitable for companies of all sizes. Its applications includes, for example, financial management, sales and marketing applications, cash systems, purchases, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory management, manufacturing, project management, e-commerce, and much more. If necessary, Odoo's functions can also be easily expanded and modified.

Odoo’s unique strength lies in integration

All applications work in the same database in an intuitive browser user interface, thanks to which information is shared between applications, and the user experience remains uniform on all end devices. Odoo has over seven million users and a large, active user community.

ERPWare Oy is the official silver-level partner and representative in Finland of Odoo S.A., the Belgian background company of the Odoo software. ERPWare has integrated the as a seamless part of the Odoo user experience, and the data recorded in the and Odoo moves bidirectionally between the systems.

The hours and expenses recorded in the and the resources and products used are automatically registered in Odoo for the sales order, leading to the right project and invoice. In Odoo financial management, which ERPWare extends, it is easy to allocate costs to the project and bill them through the customer with the margin you specify. We have also developed in Odoo, e.g., online invoicing, bank integrations, and invoice recycling and approval. Monitoring and comparing the project’s profitability to the budget is also effortless.

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