The software has extensive pre-built reporting tools for accounting, payroll, and invoicing. In addition, the software has a report builder tool that allows you to create all the reports you need and ensure that the information is always available in a suitable format when you need it.


Error-free and up-to-date data sharing makes creating real-time reports for management, accounting, tax, and customers easy. You can also create precisely the kind of report you need using report editing tools.

With, all your information is in one system – recorded hours, expenses, and tasks performed. For example, you can track your company’s income and expenditure in real-time or provide your customer with the information they need on the progress of their work at any time.

Reporting features save time and reduce errors by eliminating the need to gather information from different sources. Data transfer interfaces allow data to be aggregated into reports from other systems.

Error-free and up-to-date data sharing
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